Friday, 9 February 2018

5 January 2018 - Poetry entries

This was the first meeting lead by our new Chairperson, Amanda Giles. The meeting started with some information sharing and opinion gathering about ideas for enhancing elements of the organisation of the meetings and the activity programme. It was agreed that further evaluation, taking into account the views of all members, will take place over the coming weeks. This evening members read their entries to this years first competition - poetry writing. As always, the quality of writing was extremely high, and a broad and interesting range of subjects were featured. Members wrote about love, life, war, foreign lands and anarchic circus clowns. This was followed by a short writing activity. Each member selected a random word from a envelope and created a short poem using their word as inspiration. This was extremely successful and it was agreed that more activities of this kind should be considered for future meetings.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Annual Presentation Evening - Friday 8th December 2017

Our Annual Presentation Evening was a celebration of 70 years of the Hastings Writers' Group.  We had a delicious cake shaped to resemble what most of our writing desks look like, a fantastic buffet and awards were presented.  The 70th Anniversary book project, Imagine That! sold enough copies to donate money to charities: Dragonflies, Charity for Kids and The Oliver Curd Trust.  The Catherine Cookson cup was presented to Amanda Giles by our guest judge, Thorne Ryan.  The Writer of the Year award was presented by our patron Tamara McKinley to joint winners Roz Balp and Diana Lock.

Monday, 4 December 2017

27th November 2017 - writing exercise

This evenings meeting was based around a hugely enjoyable writing exercise that tested our imaginations and our ability to play well with others. Each member arrived with a prepared character, described in no more than 250 words. These included an alien in human form, a shop worker with a pigeon phobia, a guardian angel and a talking snake who can only be understood by those he has bitten. Working in group of four or five, members wove these into wonderfully bizarre and fascinating story plots. Each group rose well to the additional challenge of skilfully incorporating, or crowbarring in, three props randomly selected by the throwing of picture dice.

13th Novemember 2017 - Poetry Workshop

This meeting took the form of a poetry workshop, led by prize winning poet Kim Lasky. Kim spoke to members about the benefit of entering competitions in order to get published. She also gave some very useful advice about the different types of competition and how to select the right one. Kim read a selection of her own superb poems and answered a broad selection of member’s questions. 

30 October 2017 - Catherine Cookson Compeititon Entries

During this meeting members read out their entries to the 2017 Catherine Cookson competition. There was a satisfying amount of murder, mayhem and mystery. We heard tales of long lost relatives, family breakdowns and a knitting circle whose members were not all as innocent as they seemed. The entries will be judged by Thorne Ryan, an editor, and the results announced at our presentation evening and 70th anniversary celebrations on 8th December, 2017.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

16 October Winners from 'Crime from the Ciminal's Point of View'

The meeting on 16th Oct saw James Carol give the feedback and results for the wild card competition "Crime from the Criminal's Point of View". First place was  Sandra Daniels with 'Ray', second place went to Emma Boyd with 'Call Centre Charity', third place was given to Sam Davy with 'Pity Me' and fourth place went to three contestants -Godfrey Forder with 'In Two Criminal Minds', Maddie Blake with 'Missing Laura-Jane' and Diana Lock with 'A Nasty Case of the Jimmy Choos'.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

October 2nd, 2017: Synopsis Writing

Our meeting this week focussed on writing a successful synopsis. Literary agent Jemima Forrester came to share her knowledge and experience with members. Jemima explained the function of the synopsis as part of the process for submitting books to agents. She gave a lot of clear and extremely useful guidance on how these should be written. Members who had sent their synopsis to Jemima prior to the meeting received constructive feedback.